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Scale and Coin’s predominant goal is to prepare young students to be adequately qualified and prepared for a career in business, and to assist them in developing both professionally and personally. The organization takes a new trainee class each semester who undergo a thorough multi-week professional development training process preparing members for work in any industry, including finance, tech, consulting, entrepreneurship and more. 


Through weekly professional development workshops based on different aspects of business, trainees complete deliverables for the new members to complete and present at brotherhood meetings, and provide constructive criticism and feedback for those deliverables.


Brothers of the organization often team up and take away top prizes at case competitions such as the Deloitte Case Competition and nationally-acclaimed financial challenges such as the Fed Challenge. Brothers receive immense support through the recruiting process for internships and full-time positions from an established alumni network spanning industries. 



Scale and Coin puts a special emphasis on service in and around the Triangle community, as the organization hopes to shape brothers into not just better business leaders, but better individuals as a whole. Scale and Coin has partnered with organizations such as Hope Gardens NC, UNC Shackathon, UNC Children's Hospital, and more for engaging service events.


While Scale and Coin is a professional organization, brotherhood is one of the most important tenets. Brothers form especially close bonds with members of their trainee class, in addition to the social network gained through the brotherhood as a whole. Scale and Coin provides a platform for multiple social events each semester, such as brotherhood retreats, group dinners, formal events, and mingling events with other campus and community organizations.

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